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This morning - I'm off on another long distance training ride. Last week's ride was a real moment for me - 1) I realized that no matter how much weight you lose or gym training you do - there is always a challenge out there that will serve you your furry ass on a platter. and how! 2) I also kept a positive attitude about it - and Thursday afternoon I rode out and did the section of the ride that kicked my ass - up the Alpine road hill - around the Portola Loop and back home. It felt good physically and psychologically to get back out and cover that territory.

Today is a new challenge - the Hayward Hill ride. It includes a five mile almost continuous steep climb (and thankfully there is a rest stop at the 2.5 mile point) but - it will require me to keep a steady pace (even it's 2mph) and KEEP PEDDLING. Thankfully I'm not afraid to stop and photodocument the experience (as an excuse to get my lungs and attitude in check). Then there is the thrilling downill portion over the back of the Hayward Hill - up the kinder, gentler Dublin grade than downhill into lunch.

I need to be strategic about my rest stops on these rides. Get in, refill my liquids, suck down a goop pack (delicious carb and sugar filled goop! this week's flavor? MOCHA!) and at lunch - keep it simple and get rolling quickly, no lollygagging.

Oh - and I've changed soundtracks - while Cole Porter worked - I think I've decided to change my hills song to "Unchain My Heart" by Joe Cocker ("you don't care a bag of beans for me, let my love go to waste, unchain my heart? baby set me free") its a great song because people could interpret my cursing as free form adlibbing rather than being possessed by the devil! :)

anyhow - Attitude is at 300% "GoGet'emTiger" form ---- and away we go!
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