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April 3

The end of my third month doing the new core strength workouts and, of course, the ALC bicycle training kicked into high gear starting in January. I really love this photo - because I'm finally able to see real visual proof that putting the work in at the gym is working. :) YAY!

Goals in the next six months (besides biking 545 miles with a smile on my face in June?)

1) be gentle on my knees. my knees are the only part of my body that have reacted adversely to biking. I'm getting a "bike fitting" to get my bike readjusted for long distance riding - many riders and TRLs along the way have suggested if I'm having knee "issues" - that I need my fit adjusted.

2) still working on that center section. It's come a LONG LONG way - I used to be ashamed to have my shirt off. But lets say I'm not quite at the super-confident having my shirt off stage. :) and that is where I want to be.

3) the next couple of months I will add to the core workouts - some more reps for my arms and for my lower back - I'm really noticing how much your body needs a strong lower back to climb hills on a bike (and my bike riding is not going to end when AIDS Lifecycle does). I just joined the Different Spokes GLBT Bicycle Club in San Francisco - and I look forward to biking as much as I can year around.
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