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Well - my body (despite having hit the road hard yesterday for 100 miles) wouldn't stay in bed this morning. Curiously? the sorest part of my body is the mild sunburn I received, my muscles seem to be rather smug with themselves. Yesterday was a pretty remarkable thing.... the new bike performed remarkably, and I'm sure after a "follow up check" the bike shop suggested after I put 200 miles on it (later this afternoon I'll hit that mark since I bought it last Saturday)... probably on Wednesday. Today I'm going on a ride I know well, from home out Canada Road by Filoli and back.

I was having lunch at a rest stop when when one of my fellow PosPeds (Positive Peddlers) stopped and pulled me aside. Apparently every year in the AIDS LIFECYCLE opening ceremonies - the PozPeds carry in the "riderless bike" to honor people with AIDS whom we've lost over the years. He asked if I'd be intererested in being part of that as one of the newest members of PosPeds. I told him yes... so while it's not a fer-sure (giggle) thing - it was one of those - "gosh how wonderful to even be asked" things. (as there are 2400 riders - a fair amount of them anyways....

I am going to start soon helping my new friend Kaya C Dzambic organize a "South Bay" chapter of the organization - (every good leader like Kaya needs a go-getter with creative ideas that wants to work hard in their corner). You can read a lot about the PosPeds at

their aims include:
  • Expand awareness and recognition of people living with HIV/AIDS.

  • Encourage active participation of members and supporters in the work of the group.

  • Actively participate in HIV/AIDS cycling related events.

  • Advocate awareness and empowerment of people living with HIV/AIDS.

  • Maintain outreach to members, supporters and the HIV/AIDS community.

The rest of the day I ruminated on the whole thing. March 1 was my 18th year HIV+. That seems simply impossible to me. One of the reasons I signed up for ALC was to be able to push myself to be LIVING with HIV at a whole new fitness and awareness level. and that has most certainly been happening. I don't 'think' about HIV that much this far down the road from being a scared mess of a 25-year-old sitting in a clinic getting told he was positive. There was a time where the thought of 'it' and the implications used to almost entirely consume my thoughts.

I don't have a whole lot more to beat around on this topic but it was worth "recording" if you will. and as the role of HIV and AIDS in my life as PosPed, gay man and a person living (at 200%) with HIV continues to evolve, occasionally I'll talk about it. My point-of-view these days is that I'm very blessed to still be here, be in good shape, and having a smile on face about all of it. There are folks that are struggling and my place in the world these days is making sure services are still there for them at places like the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Which is why the way all of YOU folks have helped me rock the fundraising really MEANS something. You're helping people with every dime you contribute, so THANK YOU.

50 days to the starting line of AIDS LIFECYCLE #10. Awesome!
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