Jan. 9th, 2011

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January 9, 1855: "What a strong and healthy but reckless, hit or miss style had some of these early writers of New England....As if they spoke with a relish, smacking their lips like a coach-whip, caring more to speak heartily than scientifically true... They were not to be caught napping by the wonders of nature in a new country. They use a strong, coarse, homely speech which cannot always be found in a dictionary, nor sometimes be heard in polite society, but which brings you very near to the thing itself being described. The strong new soil speaks through them."

Title: Moustache
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I'm... too sexy for my helmet. too sehx see for ma hel ... met --- yeah.
unn-tss; unn-tss; unn-tss

a good ride - but holycrapola. windy and COLD - and I did some VERY hard hills...I cut my route short (47 miles) its friggin' freezing out there and as got over the hill into the valley next to the reservoir a cold in my face breeze kicked up and started gusting in my face. (ugh) so I turned home at Sandhill Road and am now home. time for a shower. The hill from Millbrae on pretty much straight up.

I hear merlot calling. I'd best go get some!

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