Jan. 19th, 2011

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19 January 1841, "I anticipate a more thorough sympathy with nature, when my thigh-bones shall strew the ground like the boughs which the wind has scattered. Thus troublesome humors will flower into early anemonies, and perhaps in the very lachrymal sinus, nourished by its juices, some young pine or oak will strike root."
- The Diary of Henry David Thoreau

Title: Spring in the Antelope Valley #3
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Miss Kate & I got in a dogfight this evening!

Dog bolted across Middlefield and INTO Miss Kate. Nothing is worse than sound Miss Kate makes when cornered like that. The dog had to deal with me. I grabbed it by the neck and pinned it to the ground. It's owner waited for the light to change - then crossed and apologized. She was walking two dogs - and had a baby in a frontpack. She was in tears. It was pretty intense.

I was pretty ramped up. No apparently damage to Miss Kate. The other dog just had to deal with me. I wasn't hurting it - but I moved quickly to immobilize it. The owner was a total mess - first because her dog had bolted out of her control and ran across a busy street in traffic; but that her dog went after another dog. I had to calm her down - she was so worried her dog had done real damage.

I just got done giving Miss Kate a good inspection and I don't see that she's any worse for wear. She's came home pretty shaken up - but is circled up on her pillow asleep now.

The hardest part of it - is that Miss Kate has ZERO fighting instinct and doesn't know what to do in these situations. The poor dear just wants to love people... and just crumples up in a ball and starts screaming when other dogs get aggressive. :( (sigh) she's sleepin' up on the bed next to me tonight.

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