Mar. 2nd, 2011

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March 2, 1855 - "We talk about spring as at hand before the end of February, and yet it will be two good months, one sixth part of the whole year, before we can go a-maying. There may be a month of solid and uninterrupted winter yet, plenty of ice and good sleighing. We may not even see the bare ground, and hardly the water, and yet we sit down and warm our spirits annually with distant prospect of spring. As if a man were to warm his hands by stretching them toward the rising sun and rubbing them." - The Diary of Henry David Thoreau

title: sun salutation
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So - since Dave had reccomended "The Time Travelers Wife" which has become one of my most favorite books - - two weeks back I asked him to reccomend some books like that off his bookshelf. He reccommended "Bel Canto" by Anne Pachett. It's the story of a Japanese businessman and a famous opera singer stuck in a hostage situation in a south american country. Pachett succeeds in weaving interesting story lines of how people ended up in the room, and therefore becoming a hostage to the rebels who surround the household. I just finished it last night - and lets say the ending is anything but touchy feely romantic lovey dovey emotiony. It's AWFUL... I wanted to hunt Anne Pachett down and bludgeon her with her novel repeatedly. UGH!

So - tonight - after a romantic dinner out - I asked Dave how he could reccomend such a book when he knew I was looking for a tflde book. He said that "The Time Travelers Wife" was the only tflde book he owned; and that was by mistake since someone had chosen it for book club. That he doesn't read tflde books if he can help it; and would certainly not do so on purpose. The whole conversation was extremely hysterical and funny - he was quite surprised that I was under the impression he'd gladly own a tflde book at all. Did I not see six shelves of math and philsophy texts and one single bookshelf of fiction - most of it being fictionalized stories about people in math or philisophy - or curiously several books about serial kilers or other "thrillers" with a pathological story at it's core. But - now that I go review his bookshelf - when we did a recent cleansing of "my fiction" from his fiction - there is an obvious lack of tflde books in his repetoire.

When of course, my bookshelf here in my office is almost entirely tflde books or books about how to remain in touch with the tflde part of yourself or your creativity (which is probably also tflde) - and well a spattering of erotica which is well, a different KIND of tflde book. and my bookshelf has a Chia Obama, because why shouldn't it.

So - are you a TFLDE book type? or?

What have you read that's really good lately?

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