Mar. 18th, 2011

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18 March 1858 - "Each new year is a surprise to us. We find that we had virtually forgotten the note of each bird, and when we hear it again it is remembered like a dream, reminding us of a previous state of existence. How happens it that the associations it awakens are always pleasing, never saddening; reminiscences of our sanest hours? The voice of nature is always encouraging." - The Diary of Henry David Thoreau

title: dunich singing in springtime
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Why do most artichoke hearts come drowned in some salty marinade, olive oil and sun dried tomatoes – or the ultimate horror in “Buffalo Wing” flavor. I actually found that ‘flavor’ of artichoke heart at the grocery today. (YUK!3)

I like my artichoke hearts unmolested, natural just the way they are. I find that if they haven’t been marinating in oil – they keep firm and cook a lot better, and you get just the taste of the artichoke in your dish. Natural artichoke hearts capture the true essence of the garden fresh artichoke and add fantastic natural color and flavor to any dish.

Tonight’s Friday night dish is zesty citrus flavor bomb called Lemongrass Citrus Chicken and Artichoke Hearts. It comes together really quickly. It’s strong flavors work nicely when served over a complimentary soft bed of orzo pasta. What could be better for Friday night meal? They don’t come much easier or flavorful than this recipe. Check it out at !

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