Mar. 27th, 2011

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Today was a gorgeous ride - a big windy - but a gorgeous ride. I knew Calveras Reservoir was going to be a true test of my hills ability and thats a "no kidding sister." I felt like I was really keeping my own until after lunch - and about 10 miles out from lunch - my pace just fell. I was keeping a good Cat 3 pace - (12-15mph) - and as we came out Niles Canyon a strong in your face wind hit us and my pace just plummetted. At the 70 mile point - I took up the offer to be swept off the ride by the SAG driver. We ended up picking up to other ladies on our way in - but it was very emotional for me to say "yep - I'm done, I have had enough" instead of pushing the extra ten miles in.

I was so emotional about upon arriving at base - that I signed out - and collected my things. Every single part of my body hurts - and despite 110 miles over the last two days - not making that ten miles really affected me emotionally. I had to fight back tears coming home in the car. Today's ride tested every single muscle in my body - and my spirit and my endurance as an athlete. and no - I'm a not a "racer" - but this really is an intense athletic experience. I kept a good attitude up until I got back to the parking lot at the ride - and then got really down in the dumps about it. The SAG Driver (the ever awesome Dennis Soong) was very supportive - and totally understood "where" I was at - my body just couldn't do any more.

By tomorrow? I'll be all proud of 110 miles - and brush this off.... but its not easy fighting the "grew up military - did the military" competitiveness - must not fail "stuff" - and thats all it is stuff. but - it felt like a moment to record - and I did 110 miles this weekend. That rocks hard - and after a hot shower and dinner which includes a cocktail? I'll regain my perspective.
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as an update to my previous post - here is the "ride recap" from Ride Leader Supreme Chris Thomas - - apparently over a third of the riders didn't complete today's ride. Since I was one of the last folks into the parking lot I had assumed I was in the minority.

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