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I just bought a new toy - can't wait to try it out!
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Like many people, I enjoy the moist aroma and sinus-soothing vapors from a pot of boiling water. But it is often difficult to get a roiling boil just the way you remember it as a child. In my quest to perfect boiled water I began by collecting a dozen different recipes ranging from family hand-me-downs to restaurant standbys. But none of these recipes produced a water boil precisely as I remember it. Some were too slow and too dilute while others were dense and tough. All of the recipes shared a few typical ingredients, such as water. But otherwise they had little in common. full recipe at
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Who knew Darth was also a piano virtuoso?


Mar. 28th, 2011 10:54 am
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when Dave emails me?

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[ profile] prisoncitybear is doing an art auction to help benefit my AIDS lifecycle fundraising efforts. (also - so he can tell me to shut the hell up about it) Check out his entry at

Last week I ran an "event" on Facebook called "Tell Bob McDiarmid to Shut The Hell Up".

Who hasn't wanted to tell Bob McDiarmid to shut the hell up? Every day he posts about needing donations for his 10,000 dollar challenge for the upcoming AIDS Lifecycle Ride #10. Every day he comes up with some sneaky ass way of asking for donations. Well here's your opportunity to tell Bob McDiarmid to shut the hell up. And let's be honest it's something we've all wanted to do at one point or another - now is your opportunity! TELL BOB MCDIARMID TO SHUT THE HELL UP! (limited time offer, act now!)

Donate today - at - and as soon as he reaches his $10,000 goal (just $975 away!) he'll shut the hell up. But ONLY when he reaches $10,000. So it's YOUR choice - help tell Bob McDiarmid to shut up TODAY with a donation - or listen to him beg, plead, scream, post multiple times daily until June 5th. Think of how much your Facebook experience will improve once you've told Bob McDiarmid to shut the hell up.


and in 48 hours - I raised $2075 for San Francisco AIDS Foundation. :) and now Tom wants to help take it to the next level. Check out his post at
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as an update to my previous post - here is the "ride recap" from Ride Leader Supreme Chris Thomas - - apparently over a third of the riders didn't complete today's ride. Since I was one of the last folks into the parking lot I had assumed I was in the minority.
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Today was a gorgeous ride - a big windy - but a gorgeous ride. I knew Calveras Reservoir was going to be a true test of my hills ability and thats a "no kidding sister." I felt like I was really keeping my own until after lunch - and about 10 miles out from lunch - my pace just fell. I was keeping a good Cat 3 pace - (12-15mph) - and as we came out Niles Canyon a strong in your face wind hit us and my pace just plummetted. At the 70 mile point - I took up the offer to be swept off the ride by the SAG driver. We ended up picking up to other ladies on our way in - but it was very emotional for me to say "yep - I'm done, I have had enough" instead of pushing the extra ten miles in.

I was so emotional about upon arriving at base - that I signed out - and collected my things. Every single part of my body hurts - and despite 110 miles over the last two days - not making that ten miles really affected me emotionally. I had to fight back tears coming home in the car. Today's ride tested every single muscle in my body - and my spirit and my endurance as an athlete. and no - I'm a not a "racer" - but this really is an intense athletic experience. I kept a good attitude up until I got back to the parking lot at the ride - and then got really down in the dumps about it. The SAG Driver (the ever awesome Dennis Soong) was very supportive - and totally understood "where" I was at - my body just couldn't do any more.

By tomorrow? I'll be all proud of 110 miles - and brush this off.... but its not easy fighting the "grew up military - did the military" competitiveness - must not fail "stuff" - and thats all it is stuff. but - it felt like a moment to record - and I did 110 miles this weekend. That rocks hard - and after a hot shower and dinner which includes a cocktail? I'll regain my perspective.
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Tonight after reviewing LJ posts from around the globe - I must say I feel blessed having each and every one of you to read. Sorry if I've been about nothing but my bike training - and the food that's fueling that training. I can hear the collective scrolling! (chortle) I love - even after 7 years - the incredible sense of awe at all the different voices you bring to the table. We're all extremely lucky to have one another to hear.
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41 Miles - San Francisco to Palo Alto. :) - with a few flooded roadway detours, only a spit of rain - and actually a nice a sun-break that coincided with my Carbs & Caffeine break in Foster City.... great ride - Tomorrow? 81 miles!

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26 March 1862 - "I wish to communicate the parts of my life that I would gladly live again."
- from the diary of Henry David Thoreau.

Title: Photo Album - Stop Motion
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- Friday Night Plate with my boyfriend tonight
- Breakfast in San Francisco at STACKS with Eric Saturday morning
- AIDS LIFECYCLE CYCLEFEST in Golden Gate Park 11am on Saturday - FREE SWAG FOR MY BIKE!
- Haircuts at Razors in the Castro at 1pm.
- Weather permitting, I'll bike home to Palo Alto from there (40 miles)
- 8am on Sunday - 81 mile ALC Training Ride up to Calveras Reservior and back through Niles Canyon
- Sunday night - dinner out with the hubby!
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it's whats for dinner

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George Takei ["Sulu" from "Star Trek" TOS] sez:
“Former SNL star Victoria Jackson rants that Glee is turning boys gay. I think Victoria Jackson is more to blame for that.”
THAT is funny. Even more than that bimbo ever was.
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Back in September when I signed up to participate in AIDS Lifecycle, I had no idea what I was in store for. The training up the hills of the bay area, the new friends I'm making - and the rewarding experience of fundraising. Fundraising is intimidating stuff - but ya'll here on Livejournal (along with friends over on Facebook and Flickr) really helped me fundraise like a gangbuster.

This morning I reached my $10,000 goal. Powered by "Tell Bob McDiarmid to Shut up" on Facebook - I raised $1010 in five hours and put my fundraising over the top. The way people have come out to support my efforts to raise as much money as possible is positively overwhelming. $10,000 seemed like an impossible goal - but ya'll proved me wrong.


I'll still be accepting donations all the way up until June 5th when I roll out on my seven day bike ride to Los Angeles...
You can donate by visiting

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22 March 1853 - "That is an interesting morning when one first uses the warmth of the sun instead of fire; bathes in the sun, as anon in the river; eschewing fire, draws up to a garret window and warms his thoughts at nature’s great central fire, as does the buzzing fly by his side." - From the Diary of Henry David Thoreau

title: Palo Alto Sunrise
exploring earth
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If you haven't seen the internet video of the two boys from an Australian high school here's the link.

One kid hits the bigger kid (the "fat" kid) in the face - and continues to hit him in the stomach - when the bigger kid suddenly block a punch then bodyslams the smaller kid onto the concrete.

There are follow up videos, interviews with the bigger kid, Casey Haynes, and his family and interviews with the smaller kid, "the bully", Richard Gale, in the video and his family.

The video has gone viral on the internet - and with it - the comments on the videos are 90% "Good for you Casey! You are a hero!" - along with comments telling Richard Gale "you'll burn hell you piece of shit" - and similiar comments about Richard's family which go way over the top. So while folks have posted the video going "GO CASEY GO!" thousands of times - can you imagine being Richard's family and hearing that your mother is a whore and your father looks like a toothless serial killer THOUSANDS of times. In the follow-up - Richard's Dad actually tears up about how horrible the stream of negativity towards his son and their family has been.

I get a real mixed feeling about this. on the one hand - high school was a shitty place for me - and I don't have a single fond memory. but if he'd REALLY injured the kid he bodyslammed? with a neck injury or worse - - this would be a very different story. Should his father be proud he stood up for himself, absolutely. Should the father of the kid throwing punches in the video be ashamed? absolutely. Does the kid who threw the punches deserve to "go to hell and burn" like people are telling him on YouTube? absolutely not.

Listening to the interviews, Richard was fitting in by picking on the weaker kid - who didn't end up being the weaker in this case. and I think even though his actions are reprehensible (hitting another kid in the face), he deserves compassion as well.

I think a tragedy of epic proportions was barely evaded here. I hope the school and the community get both kids some help. Casey needs to understand how close he came to SERIOUSLY injuring a smaller slighter kid that himself - and that while standing up for yourself is good; taking it a step further and being violent clearly isn't.

It's easy to take on Casey's side of the argument - - and cheer a kid that "socks it to the bully." But even Casey will say, "I snapped and really wanted to hurt him." which is hardly a healthy reaction.

I've been a teenager - it sucks. Even the best environments, pretty much suck when you are in that "not a kid anymore but neither are you an adult" place. You are testing your limits at school, at home and personally. I don't watch these videos - of the initial event, nor it's affect on the families concerned - - and think this is something we should be high-fiving Casey for - nor should we ignore Richard's actions that provoked Casey's response.

It's sad actually - that Casey had to bodyslam a fellow student before anyone took his story seriously. Richard, had to be coached to apologize, and lives in a divorced home with parents that wouldn't even appear on camera together. You can see what the immense spotlight is doing to both families.

I think it would be interesting to come back to both families in six months - and see what changes have really happened in both these kids lives? What did they come away from this situation learning - if anything?
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21 March 1856 - "I noticed that my fingers were purpled, evidently from the sap on my auger. Had a dispute with Father about the use of my making this sugar when I knew it could be done and might have bought sugar cheaper at Holden’s. He said it took me from my studies. I said I made it my study; I felt as if I had been to a university."

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