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At work - medicated (thank you Dayquil) while making it through The Cold of Minor Inconveniencetm - which is better than The Cold of Never Ending Sufferingtm which also appears to be going around. But to complete the milieu - the building shutoff the heat for the weekend - so it's insane cold in the office today which only adds my general grumpyness level which is at a sustained 6.5. but if they continue talking Britney gossip outside my office - uncontrolled spikes of grumpiness may ensue. I decided to cancel lunch with Chris [ profile] capy, one of my favorite people to soak in palmolive with, because I'd rather when I'm feeling effervescent rather than marginally homicidal and I wouldn't want to subject Chris to germ warfare. So - :) - I will go warm up my leftover tijuana pie - and try and cheer up.

on another note - I wrote this somewhat lengthy post on New Years Day titled "We can make a choice to make things different....." - talking about how might choose to turn our energy around and make 2009 better for all of us.

I was hoping that post would spark conversation - but two things conspired against that... 1) that I posted the post on a holiday - and 2) that it was lengthy.

But here's the reader's digest idea: How we take the disappointments of 2008 and work to turn them around in 2009? How do we MAKE 2009 better - rather than just typing that we're going to?

I'd hate to see us come to December 31, 2009 - and see a dozen posts of "well thank god that shit is over." (that is what I wrote on January 1, 2006 in my journal so I'm not pointing fingers)

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