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Tonight I had dinner in San Francisco (after a long day at work) with the charming and effusive Paul Perrotta.([ profile] excessor)

Paul and I met on the internet - through live journal - seven years ago. Paul is one of those guys that well - just 'gets' me - and we've been solid cheerleaders for one another for many years now. Both of our lives have seen a myriad of changes (new cities, new boyfriends, etc.) and every once in a while we just make time to sit down together and talk. No big group of people - just me and Ms. Perrotta.

While we talked about all sorts of personal things - and gave updates on our boyfriends and such - - what I appreciate about Paul is that there is no doubt of him being present for the conversation. He asks questions - and really digs in - there is nothing "surface" about it.

add to it - that I have adopted this little wine bar by the Caltrain named DISTRICT ( that offers these delightful wine flights. Paul had "spicy berry" reds - and I had a "david goldberg flight" (all rieslings and gew├╝rztraminer) - and the most devine charcutery plate and cheese plate on the face of the earth - - - so all through the meal - sentences would be interrupted with - "omg you must try this..." or "rinse with some water and sip this wine..." or simply Paul's eyes rolling back in his head over soft goat cheese, honey and prosciutto.

We had a really great time together and swore we would get our husbands together for dinner soon.

it really is the kind of friendship that defines my favorite saying "soaking in palmolive" - because despite it being diswashing liquid it's always a quality experience... and hey - who can't use softer hands, right? :)

Love ya Paul!

(now lets get all four of us together!)

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