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About a month ago - David and I were at an open studio and the artist was handing out what he called "buddhist buttons" at his studio. There in his studio was a basket full of old fashioned red poker chips, with the simple white words printed on them, "YOU ARE HERE." He explained that it was a play on the tourist maps that always have a red dot and those words. A strong part of buddhism is the emphasis on the now - on living IN the moment. So the red dot in your pocket reminds you that indeed - every moment of everyday - you are here. right here. in this moment.

I carry two other talisman in my pocket... a beautiful polished stone from the Hermit's Grove in Kirkwood, WA. It reminds me of my roots in the ferny forests of the NW and reminds me of my love of nature. The other is a 50 peso coin that I've owned since childhood. I've carried it in my pocket for decades almost reflexively. I like being reminded that no matter how mind boggling it is - my past does stretch out behind me and helps me keep grounded.

What my mind is wrapping around this morning is the combination of the items - a reminder of the now, a reminder of the past - and a reminder of where I came from. I try to keep my right pocket empty but for these items. and they are a constant reminder of my path. I've always considered the peso coin a talisman - that there was a reason why it remained with me with so many other things (particularly from my childhood) were purposely left behind. and that recently they've been joined by two other things that constantly remind me of my place and my path in the world - can't be (or at least it doesn't feel like) a coincidence.

Do you have talismans or objects you keep on your person or out in plain view that bring on emotional reactions or feelings? I'd love to hear about it.

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