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So - my little nonprofit web design project, Two Creative Guys, has signed our first client.

We will be refacing and upgrading their current website for the St. Jude's Homeless Veterans Resource Center in Land O' Lakes, Florida. We had our first presentation with them today about "where we could go" - and they were very positive about Darrell's logo design for them. (A very iconic Army Star on various backgrounds)

We will be moving to a wordpress based website - and let them leverage Blogging, Flickr, Vimeo and other services to bring multimedia presentations about their veteran stories and services to their fundraising audience. It's a very exciting organization that can REALLY benefit from our help.

Our project go-live date is August 1.

It feels great to be on task for our first client!!
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I'm very excited to announce the launch of!

A collaboration with my friend Darrell Brandon in Ft. Worth - we're going to work with to provide free web coding, web graphics and graphic design services to nonprofit groups.

We're going to send our first "handshake" email today. Darrell and I super-stoked and look forward to doing one nonprofit project per quarter - and the occasional "for pay" project as we get going.

Our site up and running at

thank you to [ profile] mhgagnon and [ profile] bitterlawngnome for some sage advice when this little idea started percolatin' away in my noggin.

We'll keep you posted on our projects - and if you know a nonprofit that could benefit - do let us know and we'll get them connected with

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