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Today - David and I scooted down in his Honda along with Miss Kate and took in the Highway way coastline and then the Monterrey Bay Aquarium's exhibits, including an exhibit called "Jellies as Art" - which was super cool. They hung paintings and sculpture from around the world next to beautiful jelly fish from the world over in ornate sculptural tanks.

Take the beauty in picture #1 below, he/she is from the Black Sea - and is replicating at such a rate - they are eating all the plankton - and starving the fish population. Scientists are blaming fertilizer runoff from Ukraine and Russia for the boom in the jellies. but wow - aren't they gorgeous.

The exhibit talked about how jellies 'hunt' and how swarm so them can be truly deadly. and then they showed some swarmes in the tanks that are just beautiful. As usual - I shot gazillion pictures and whittled them down - but this exhibit like the Chihuly (who was featured as part of the 'art' part of Jellies as Art) - - just took pictures of itself. There were surprises like a school of clown fish (from Finding Nemo) and a entrancing school of sardines in the "kulp garden" that dances a constant frantic ballet.

The Monterrey Bay Aquarium is amazing and if every exhibit they have is curated with such interest and craft as "Jellies as Art"? I'll be returning customer.

Here's a slideshow from my Picasa Account - click any photo embiggen.

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