thoreau: (Default)
2011-04-07 07:23 pm

looks like we need a new bike

Well I went to get my "bike fit" today and well it looks like I need a new bike. The don't make new parts for the bike I have and it's several inches too small for me. the bike fit guy was surprised I'd made it 50 miles without significant problems leave along the nearly 900 training miles I've put on the bike this fall/winter/spring. The bike is too short and the bar is 4-6 sizes too small for me as well.(sigh)

He said all I was doing by trying to continue on this bike was welcoming more joint pain - because its too small and my body is crunched. He suggested with a properly fit bike that I would probably reveal myself as much stronger bicyclist - because he says right now I'm working much harder than I have to, to get down the road. So I have some decisioning to do.

I'm glad I found this out NOW - vs. get out on the bike ride and find out that I'm hurting myself - and that there aren't replacement parts if something on the bike failed.

my first candidate is a Trek 1.5 - good mid-range but solid investment - and I could get fit for clips and join the 21st century. http://www.trekbikes.com/uk/en/bikes/road/1_series/15/