Feb. 27th, 2011

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27 February 1852 - "We have almost completely forgotten summer. This restless and now swollen stream has burst its icy fetters, and as I stand looking up it westward for half a mile, where it winds slightly under a high bank, its surface is lit up here and there with a fine-grained silvery sparkle which makes the river appear something celestial, — more than a terrestrial river,— which might have suggested that which surrounded the shield in Homer. If rivers come out of their icy prison thus bright and immortal, shall not I too resume my spring life with joy and hope? Have I no hopes to sparkle on the surface of life’s current?" - The Diary of Henry David Thoreau

title: thawing river
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The world traveling Bob Wallace [livejournal.com profile] bobalone is here this week in San Francisco. After trading several emails - (as I really did want him to meet Dave and see the house and meet Miss Kate) - he came along with our friends Jeff and Shaun last night to Palo Alto for game boys. What a treat! He's so smart and fit in IMMEDIATELY with the laughing, constant conversation our group inspires. :) I am hoping perhaps I'll be able to train up into the city and see him for dinner or something again before he jets home to Toronto. Bob and his partner Paul are on that list of LJers I've always wanted to meet and it was a treat to see he was just as incredible as I knew he would be. Serious Yay!

Bob in the middle, surrounded by the game boys

on a second note - Eric - the goatee on the left in the above photo - remarked how - our pictures are always so happy - and what would we look like if we all "hated the camera, and were in shitty moods" - and the following picture resulted. Delightfully, Bob played right along:

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chicken cutlets breaded with parmesan and cashews, steamed asparagus and skins on mashers.

full recipe at http://bobscooking.com/2011/02/42-pounds-and-6-years-ago/

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